Amendments to the Sectional Titles Act
and the Deeds Registries Act

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The seminar notes deal with important amendments to the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986, by the Sectional Titles Amendment Act 11 of 2010 and to the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937, by the Deeds Registries Amendment Act 12 of 2010, which acts came into operation on 7 and 2 December 2010 respectively.

The amendments to the Sectional Titles Act, in particular, are the most comprehensive and far-reaching since 1997 and affect both registration and practice procedure.

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Alexandre Lombaard (BA LLB) is a practicing consultant in sectional
title development, management and conveyancing matters. From 1996 until May 2010 she lectured in deeds registration and property law (her field of expertise is sectional titles), while serving as lecturer and later Acting Deputy Registrar of Deeds: Deeds Training, in the training section of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. During that time she participated in annual meetings of the sectional titles regulation board and conferences of the Registrars of Deeds. She authored and updated the sectional titles part of the Consolidated Practice Manuals of the Deeds Office of South Africa, as well as a variety of other courseware.

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