The following practice manuals are available

Gawie le Roux on Agreements of Sale
Specific clauses:
• Transfer costs
• Transfer attorney
• Breach

April 2018

Gawie le Roux on Agreements of Sale
Practical application:
The voetstoots clause

Oct 2016

New conveyancing procedures in terms of SPLUMA

Sep 2016

Complete Compilation and Index to Registrars Conference Resolutions

2014 - 2016 Edition

Gawie le Roux, Erinda Frantzen and others on Consolidation of Properties

May 2014

Sectional Titles: subdivisions, consolidations, extensions, etc.

Jan 2013

Amended regulations under the Sectional Titles Act

Nov 2011

Drafting property agreements in line with the
Consumer Protection Act

Nov 2011

Conveyancing and
the new Companies Act

June 2011

Property transactions and
the Consumer Protection Act

May/June 2011

Amendments to the Sectional Titles Act and the Deeds Registries Act

Oct/ Nov 2010