Comments on our course in conveyancing practice

Gawie le Roux’s Self-study Deeds Course and Attendance Course in Conveyancing Practice have been highly rated throughout South Africa and Namibia for the past twenty years as tried and trusted courses for use in preparing for the conveyancing examination. Hundreds of attorneys and candidate attorneys have successfully written the conveyancing examination after taking these courses.

There are many practitioners who make daily use of the updated notes in their conveyancing practice.

See the comments of satisfied and successful candidates.


Cathrin Nel
Ek het die kursus in Bloemfontein (Julie 2017) bygewoon, nou in September vir die eerste keer gaan skryf en geslaag! Julle lewer ‘n fantastiese diens en produk, vanaf administratiewe reëlings, studiemateriaal, aanbieding en lokaal keuse! Baie dankie

Susandra van Wyk
Ek het so pas via sms verneem dat ek my Aktes deur is. Ek wil vreeslik graag vir Erinda bedank. Ek sou dit net eenvoudig nooit gemaak het as dit nie vir haar puik klasgee en notas was nie. Ek het ‘blank’ geslaan met my eerste vraestel maar haar wenke, het my laat “herstel” en ek kon toe die vrae beantwoord.

Wilhelm Smith
Ek het die eksamen vir die tweede keer op 6 September 2017 geskryf. Ek het optimisties gevoel na ek geskryf het en gereken dat die vraestel billik was. Ek het uitgevind dat ek suksesvol was met ‘n punt van 59%. Ek dank u vir die massiewe rol wat u in my uitslag gespeel het met die onverbeterlike aanbieding van die notas en ook die kort voor eksamen kursus. Ek is ook dankbaar vir die notas, wat nie die werk maklik maak nie, maar dit op die mees sinvolle en bruikbare wyse denkbaar voorgestel. Ek is baie gelukkig.

Estelle Gerber
Ek wil u as ‘n firma hartlik bedank vir die hulp ten opsigte van my eksamenvoorbereiding in Mei 2017. Ek het my eksamen geslaag en ek weet ek sou dit nie kon gedoen het sonder die fantastiese hulp nie.

Kay Steenkamp
Ek het my Aktebesorger Eksamen in Mei 2017 afgelê en was suksesvol om dit die eerste keer te kon slaag alles danksy u firma. Ek het eers in Maart besluit om in te skryf vir die Akte eksamen en was dus ongelukkig te laat om die week-kursus by te woon. Die notas en die eendag-kursus wat Erinda Frantzen in Kaapstad aangebied het was meer as voldoende om my deur die eksamen te help. Die notas is baie goed en duidelik verstaanbaar uiteengesit en Erinda het ‘n aansteeklike passie vir haar werk en dit het op my afgesmeer. Dae na die kursus kon ek haar logiese verduideliking en aanbieding van die vrae nog duidelik oproep en het haar geesdrif my deurgedra as ek met tye moedeloos was oor die volume werk. Sonder julle sou ek dit in alle eerlikheid nooit kon maak nie.

Sone Victor
Dankie aan Gawie en julle hele span – dit was eintlik ‘n wonderlike wervaring om met julle te kon werk. Ek glo nogsteeds dit is absoluut moontlik om met julle kursesse en notas jou Aktes die eerste keer te slaag!

Robbie Mitchell
I managed to scrape through with 50%. Thank you for all the notes and lectures – especially a thanks to Erinda.

Rantha Sahadew
I passed my conveyancing exam on the first attempt and I would not have been possible had it not been for the comprehensive notes and case study's that were provided to me and the amazing way that it was unpacked during lectures. Thank you for the support I received during my study time. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone interested in the conveyancing profession.

Wendy Cook
I passed my Conveyancing exam! Thank you to Erinda and everyone – especially Erinda for her informative exam prep class! I couldn’t have done it without all you. I was really feeling quite despondent and after that exam prep class I knew I had a fighting chance and came back home and just studied even harder and well, there you go, the results speak for themselves.

Kirthi Biseswar
I wanted to say a very big thank you for an amazing conveyancing course. Your presenter was amazing and not only has a wealth of knowledge also has the passion and inspiration to teach and impart her knowledge expertly. Thank you very much.

Nabeela Suliman
I attended the Exam Workshop held in Northcliff for the preparation of the Conveyancing Exam September 2017. I am delighted to inform Ms. Frantzen that I received my results yesterday and I passed my exam on the first attempt. I can truly say that the self-study notes and the exam workshop played such a vital role and I could not have written the exam without it. Questions that were discussed in the workshop (especially that extending clause question) was repeated in the exam! Erinda can rejoice at what a brilliant and amazing lecturer she is!

Jessica Thompson
I attended your conveyancing course in July 2017 with hardly any experience in conveyancing. I wrote the exam for the first time in September and have just received my results and I am beyond thrilled to say that I passed first time!

I honestly could not have achieved this without Gawie’s course and extensive well structured notes. I am forever grateful towards your team and programme and would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in becoming a conveyancer.

Tasneem Areff
I just wanted to thank everyone who was involved in the creation of the conveyancing notes. I have no experience and I passed it the first time. The notes are brilliant!

Jamie Lee Fong
I just wanted to say how grateful I am for having been able to attend your conveyancing course. I wrote the September 2017 exam and managed to pass on my first attempt after slightly more than a month's time to study for the exam. Many thanks for the good work that you do.

Alvine Samuel (Namibia)
I received my conveyancing results after taking the Exam in May 2017. I have attended Erinda’s classes in Durban as well as the exam workshop and it all paid back. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Erinda and to the course. Thank you very much for making my dreams a reality.

Raeesa Ahmed
I attended the conveyancing one-day workshop you presented before the examination and I just wish to extend my appreciation for your time and consideration in conducting the classes. I would also like to thank you for your kind words of encouragement to the attendees. I have passed the exam with God's help and I can say with certainty that I would not have managed it without Aktepraktyk's notes and the workshop you presented. I had noticed that even after the workshop had ended (not to mention during the breaks), that you had sat with students for at least half an hour more assisting with questions and concerns - this being over and above your willingness to repeat a section or explain further during the class. I found this to be extraordinary, displaying how you clearly care to go that extra mile even though you don't have to. May God continue to bless you with knowledge in this field and the strength to pass it on. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Nico Geldenhuys
I got my conveyancing exam results last week and, I’m happy to report, I passed on my second attempt! I came close enough the first time around, but back then I was still out-of-depth in respect of mortgage bonds and sectional titles. This time I was much better prepared. Needless to say, I couldn’t have done it without your study notes. However, I also want to thank you sincerely for arranging with the convener of the examiners to address us at the finishing workshop. That talk made a crucial difference to how I approached both my final preparation and my answering of the drafting paper.

Delia Jay
Words cannot express my gratitude to Gawie and everyone at Aktepraktyk for all the brilliant notes you produce and the amazing course and pre-exam workshop. You are so passionate about what you do and without your inspiration I might have given up long ago. I am so thrilled to announce that I finally passed my Conveyancing Exam in KZN in May 2017! My story is not one of first time glory but persistent effort which enabled me to gain this valuable qualification. Your course is the best available and without it, there is no way I would have achieved what seemed an insurmountable task. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always encouraging me Erinda and explaining concepts so clearly. I hope others will persevere and realise that with hard work it is possible to pass.


Candice Dimitri
I would like to thank the Centre for Conveyancing Practice on the extensive notes that were provided to me. I passed the conveyancing exam in September 2016 on my first attempt and it would not have been possible without the help and guidance of your team!

Alexandru Olah
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the effort and passion you put in the Conveyancing courses and notes!

I took your conveyancing course in Durban during February 2016 and I wrote the exam in Pietermaritzburg in May 2016, it was my first attempt and I managed to obtain 62%!

Undoubtedly the amount of work I put in had something to do with my result but I am very confident that your notes and course have played a crucial part in my pass.

Your notes and explanations make a fairly complex and extensive subject more approachable and understandable.

Koena Nong
Please note that I have passed my notary and conveyancing exam. I got admitted on 11 February 2016.Your material assisted me very much.

Richard McCafferty
Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your team for your outstanding conveyancing notes. With the assistance of these notes I was able to pass the conveyancing examination at my first attempt.

Clarise Daniels
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Le Roux and the Conveyancing course team as I passed my conveyancing exam that was written in September 2016.

After a few attempts my dream has finally become a reality and that is due to your excellent notes and conveyancing course as I had no conveyancing experience when I began studying the material.

All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you for all your hard work and passion that helped motivate me!

Shalene Schreuder
Ek het deurgekom met jul notas. Ek het net 3 maande studeer, maar het elke vrye oomblik daarvan studeer. Baie dankie vir jul fantastiese notas. Ek het 6de gekom in die eksamen van die Kaapse Wetsgenootskap, net 12 mense het deurgekom. Die hoogste punt was 60%, so die standaard is erg hoog.

Dankie vir al jul fantastiese notas ek is vandag definitief bemagtig en nou kan ek toegelaat word as aktebesorger.


Raymond Peterson
I passed my Conveyancing exam!!!! “Dear R Peterson, your results for the Con. exam Sep 2015: 60.8% Pass” Thank you for the notes and excellent, detailed explanation. I couldn't have done it without the notes and revision!

Samantha Margolis
I just wanted to write to thank all of you at the Centre for Conveyancing Practice for the notes and courses in respect of conveyancing and notarial practice. I did both courses earlier this year, wrote both exams and passed both first time. I would definitely recommend the notes and courses to colleagues in the future.

Roman Chausse
I just want to thank Erinda for her amazing lectures and Gawie for the most comprehensive notes out there. I passed my conveyancing exam the first time and I did so convincingly. I would not have been able to have do it without them and their dedicated team. Working full-time and being a sponsored athlete, my responsibilities and dedications are numerous. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. THANK YOU.

Lindie Blom
EK wil net vir die hele aktepraktyk span sê baie baie dankie vir julle uitstekende kursus en notas. Ek het die kursus in Februarie bygewoon en in Mei die eksamen geskryf. Ek het sowaar die eksamen die eerste keer geslaag en ek sou dit beslis nie sonder jul kon doen nie.

Natasha Fletcher
I attended your notarial practice and conveyancing courses respectively this year and want to thank you for your excellent courses and notes as I passed both the notarial practice exam and conveyancing exam first time. I have and am recommending your courses to my colleagues who want to write these exams. Thank you for what you have done to help further my career.


Pieter J. van Zyl
Baie dankie vir die kursus in aktebesorging wat ek in Februarie kon bywoon in Kaapstad. Ek het die eksamen in Mei te Kingwilliamstown geskryf en is ongelooflik dankbaar om te kan laat weet dat ek die eksamen met die eerste poging geslaag het! Die kursus en notas was sekerlik die hoof-bestanddeel vir die wenresep.

Valyn Kolman
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your wonderful course which I attended in February 2014. With no previous conveyancing experience I duly wrote the exam in May 2014 and I have PASSED on my first attempt. Keep up your good work – without your enthusiasm and excellent notes I wouldn’t have been able to conquer the exam.

Raneesha Naicker
I had attended your course in February 2014 in Durban with the intention of writing the exam in May. I must admit that despite my intent to write I was extremely nervous as I had absolutely no experience in conveyancing, however after reading your notes and attending your lectures I gained enough confidence to write in May 2014.

I studied everything that was provided by you and no more and can say with pride that I passed the exam on my first attempt. I would like to extend my gratitude to you because your passion for the subject shows in your notes and lectures and the same passion has passed onto me.

Ammie Rootman
Ek wil net baie dankie sê vir die kursus en notas. Ek het die eksamen geslaag te danke aan julle. Ek het tydens julle kursus nog geen praktiese ervaring gehad nie so ek was heeltemaal afhanklik van julle opleiding. Erinda het my laat besef dat as jy aktes wil deurkom jy dit moet eet, drink en slaap! Dit is regtig so. Dankie julle.


Leanne Naidoo
Thank you to Gawie Le Roux for the wonderfully presented course and notes. Barley a month after writing and passing all four board examinations and after only less than a week of studying I was able to pass the conveyancing exams on the first attempt. As I am not yet an admitted attorney it is a thrill for me to say that I am going to be admitted as an attorney and conveyancer in one go.

Lieze van Bassen
I had my conveyancing oral exam in Cape Town on the 2nd of August 2013, I was very nervous and petrified about having to do the oral exam as I have always had a fear of public speaking and answering questions as opposed to writing them down. Nevertheless, I went in to the oral exam with my practical knowledge as well as the advice I received from the Centre of Conveyancing Practice and passed. I was so relieved and it was the best feeling in the world because now I have overcome not only one of my worst fears but also the conveyancing exam. I am so happy to now be a part of this profession and so glad that I could get over this hurdle to continue with what I found to be my passion. I absolutely love my job and cannot wait to be admitted as a Conveyancer in October 2013.

Callyn Spencer
77.3%!! On my first try!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I would not have been able to pass this exam (or the Notary exam) without your brilliant notes and classes! THANK YOU!

Pauline Kumlehn
My sincerest thanks to Gawie Le Roux and all the team for the Conveyancing Course and for the notes which are so meticulously prepared and provided.

I attended the course held in Cape Town last July and wrote the exam this May. I was very happy to ascertain recently that I have passed the exam on the first attempt and indeed passed very well.

Had I not been suitably prepared, I would imagine the exam to have been quite a challenge. However, timeous preparation and a focused and logical approach made all the difference.

Kagiso Mahlangu
I would like to thank you for the brilliant notes and the courses that you run. I kept postponing writing because I was discouraged by the number of people who advised me that the exam was difficult and the prospects of passing low. After attending your course and putting in the hours, I managed to pass the conveyancing exam on my first attempt.

Shira Bloch
I would like to thank you and your team for your outstanding notes and highly informative attendance course. If it wasn’t for you, I would not have been able to pass the Conveyancing exam. I received the highest score (85.8%) on my first attempt in writing the exam. I believe that this exam cannot be passed without your indispensable notes.

I attended your course in February 2013 and wrote the exam in September 2013. I found the notes very easy to use, with great examples, providing me with an overall logical approach to Conveyancing. What you and your team has to offer is like nothing around, without having any experience or background in Convayancing I was able to walk away fully understanding the most technical and complex areas in the course.

I believe that this exam is so daunting and has such a high failure rate due to the large volumes of work and difficult concepts involved. You have succeeded in taking such large volumes and difficult concepts and condensing them into a compact easy to use guide, entailing all that needs to be known to pass the exam. Your notes and course is a must for anyone serious about passing the Conveyancing exam.

Natasja Swanepoel
Ek het beide Aktes en Notarieel se kursusse gaan bywoon in Februarie en Maart 2013 asook die eksamens geskryf in Mei en Junie 2013.

Ek het geen noemenswaardige ondervinding in een van die rigtings gehad nie en tog met behulp van die kursus en harde werk is ek beide eksamens deur met die eerste geleentheid. Ek wil gebruik maak van die geleentheid en vir enige persoon sê dat dit dus moontlik is om dit te vermag mits jy die harde werk wat daarmee gepaard gaan insit.

Baie dankie Erinda vir jou moeite met die kursusse en die oulike aanbieding daarvan. Baie dankie aan Gawie Le Roux en sy hele span.

Donovan Tuck
I am happy to say that with your assistance, I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt. As a candidate attorney, my personal and practical knowledge of conveyancing was limited, and your notes, lectures and further explanations helped immensely. There is however, no substitute for hard work. I look forward to being admitted as both an attorney and conveyancer in the forthcoming weeks.

Telana Jackson
Ek wil net vir Erinda dankie sê vir die kursus van laas jaar. Ek het aktes geslaag sonder enige ondervinding met 70%.


Patricia Fadzi Ledwaba
As a point of departure I feel highly honoured to be a qualified and admitted attorney, Notary Public and a Conveyancer And it’s all because of The Centre for Conveyancing.

I wrote my conveyancing examination in May 2012 and Notorial Practice examination in July 2012. I hereby attest that I had no knowledge of conveyancing and Notorial practice prior to me enrolling for classes with the centre.

It’s all thanks to Erinda that conveyancing was simplified and explained in a more detailed manner. I am proud to indicate that Centre for Conveyancing contributed to who I am today and as a result this Centre shall remain an important part of my career. Thank you for your contribution in shaping my future.

Claire Gledhill
I passed my conveyancing oral exam which was held in Cape Town and I had to write to thank Erinda so much for all her patience and assistance in preparing me for the exam. Her advice gave me excellent direction in what to study and her help allowed me to enter the exam with confidence.

Thank you for going above and beyond to assist me, I am so pleased and grateful to the Centre for Conveyancing Practice for all their help in getting me to this point. I will recommend your course to anyone who intends taking the exam.

Casey Hofmeyr
I wanted to say a big thank you for the fabulous conveyancing course you held earlier this year in July.

I just found out that I passed the conveyancing exam with the second highest mark and am so incredibly happy as I passed even without having had any practical experience.

Gawie le Roux is truly a superb lecturer.

Camilla du Toit
I want to thank Gawie very much - I received my results for the conveyancing exam today, and I passed!

I'm thrilled, because it was my first attempt, and I had only 5 weeks to prepare.

I would not have been able to do it without Gawie's excellent lectures, and fantastic notes.

Johanlene Venter
Ek wil graag die tyd neem om aan almal by die Sentrum vir Aktepraktyk dankie te sê vir baie deeglike en omvattende aktesnotas. Sonder die Here se genade en die vriendelike hulp van almal by die Sentrum sou dit nie moontlik gewees het om die akteseksamen September 2012 met die eerste probeerslag met lof te geslaag het nie.

Die naaste wat ek aan `n transportakte gekom het was met prep-werk. Ek het nog nooit die binnekant van `n Registrasiekantoor gesien of in `n aktesafdeling van `n firma gewerk nie.

Baie dankie vir julle vriendelikheid en passievolle aanbieding van die kursus, dit was `n aangename ervaring. Ek twyfel of mens elders beter voorbereiding vir die akteseksamen sou gekry het.

Quraysha Mohamed | Associate
I am emailing you with thanks that I could never fully express given all the words in the world. Thank you for showing me the way. Thank you for your sincere dedication and commitment to your students and the study of conveyancing.

I was full of panic, anxiety and feelings of dread before your course set me on the path to success. After doing your course, I was able to structure my studying more productively but most importantly, you gave me hope and motivation with your positivity and passion for conveyancing!

I received my results today and despite the short time to prepare, I have passed! I found your notes extremely helpful for studying and in practice and will continue to use them in the future.

Chloë Merrington
I attended the conveyancing course in Cape Town during July 2012. I passed both my conveyancing exam AND my notarial practice exam on my first attempts. I achieved the highest mark in the Western Cape for the conveyancing exam and was one of 3 people who passed the notarial exam.

The course, as well as the excellent notes, made studying for the exams easy! The course kept me interested in the subject matter and the specialized assignments and past exam questions helped me with my preparation enormously. One needs to put in a lot of hard work and study time for the exams, but if one combines dedication with Gawie’s course and notes, one will definitely succeed!

I recommend the course for anyone who would like to take the conveyancing or notarial practice exams. In fact, I have already advised my friends, who have to take the exams this year, to do so! Thank you for the amazing course and for making my studying that much easier.

Glennis Smith
I received my marks for the conveyancing exam, which I wrote for the first time in May, and I got 70%.

I would never have achieved that result without your excellent notes and Erinda's outstanding lectures as I have had no recent exposure to conveyancing, so thank you all very, very much. I sincerely appreciate your assistance.

Also, I am delighted to tell you that I passed the Notarial examination in October, after once again having attended Erinda's lectures and studying from your notes.

Jenna Moritz
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very helpful and informative Conveyancing Course.

I attended your course in February 2012, and wrote the exam in May 2012.

I have had no previous Conveyancing experience at all, and thanks to your course and the brilliant notes, (and a lot of hard work) I was able to pass the exam on my first try.

I never thought it possible that I would pass, especially considering all the stories that go around about how difficult the exam is.

Without your notes it would have been impossible for me.

I am so grateful to you all for this, and really appreciate all the time and effort that it put into your courses and notes. It truly did pay off.

Crystal Hart
I attended the Conveyancing and Notarial courses in July and August this year. It was thanks to Erinda's explanation (especially in Conveyancing) and the fantastic notes that I managed to pass them both as well as my board exams, all within three months of each other.

I would definitely recommend anybody thinking of attempting to write this daunting exam (Conveyancing) to do your course.

Samuel "Sami" Modiba
I just wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to Gawie le Roux and you all at the Centre. I did a conveyancing course in 2010 and wrote the exam in 2010 and 2011. On both occassions I got an oral. I did not have prior practical experience, had limited time to prepare and was unable to complete the exam on time.

This was valuable lesson, so I decided to take the exam serious and gave myself three months to prepare. I knew that the material provided by you was adequate and it was up to me to apply myself.

So I wrote in May 2012 and passed! I was awarded the DI Friedland prize for "The Most Successful Candidate in the Conveyancing Examination 2011/12"



Neil Knight
I signed up for your self-study course for the Conveyancers Exam and I attended your session of lectures which were held in February 2011 in Durban.

I must say that I found the concept of studying for conveyancing daunting. I am an attorney of 45 years of age who suddenly found myself in charge of my firms conveyancing department. I was now faced with having to pass the conveyancing exam and run a very busy practise all at the same time.

Your course was absolutely brilliant in that not only did it give me a consolidated body of notes but it explained the intricate concepts extremely clearly.

Further, your practical examples and chapter assignments were invaluable.

I studied for the exam for 3 months from February 2011 to May 2011. I passed the exam. Some feedback, for your information, is that 58 people wrote the exam in Pietermaritzburg. Eleven people passed. The average mark was in the region of 39 % for the exam. I secured a mark of 62 % which was the fourth highest mark in the province.

Naturally I am delighted. This simply would not have been possible were it not for your notes, and the lectures.

I wish to all the very best for the future. You certainly provide an unquestionable service to the legal fraternity with your business.

Lizelle Engels
Ek sit vanoggend nog steeds verstom. EK HET MY EKSAMEN DEURGEKOM!!!

Ek het 2008 opgehou werk en was heeltyds ma.

Ons het Port Elizabeth toe verhuis aan die einde van 2010, waar werk baie skaars is. Baie mismoedig het ek maar voor die boeke ingeskuif, met die hoop om 'n ekstra kwalifikasie op my CV te kry.

11 Mei was so vinnig op my, maar was ek redelik op my gemak met die eksamen.

Die Kaap se uitslae het baie lank geneem om uit te kom, maar was dit die moeite werd! Ek het met 'n persentasie van 74% geslaag!

Ek wil van die geleentheid gebruik maak om vir julle baie dankie te se vir die fantastiese notas en voorbeelde, want sonder dit, sou dit nie vir my moontlik gewees het nie!

Helene-Mari Smith
Baie dankie aan Erinda Frantzen vir die uitstekende manier van aanbieding van die bywoningskursus in Aktepraktyk. Ek het die kursus bygewoon in Julie 2011 en die werkswinkel in Augustus 2011, en het die eksamen met my eerste probeerslag geslaag in September 2011!

Ek het geen ondervinding in aktepraktyk gehad voor die eksamen nie, en sou dit definitief nie deurgekom het sonder julle kursus en notas nie.

Sindi Ndlovu
I attended your conveyancing course in Durban at the begging of this year after having attended another course for months, I wrote the exam in May 2010 and much to my disappointment I failed the exam after working hard, I then heard about your course from a number of people and I decided to do your course and give the exam another try.

Your course is only a few days but what I learnt in those days was more than what I had learnt in the other course I attended for months.

I wrote the exam in May 2011 again and while I was preparing things made so much sense and it became clear to me and I understood what I was doing and confident about what I was doing. Today I received my results and I passed my exam, I would like to thank you very much for helping me achieve my goal, without your course I would not have passed.

Leigh Standish- White
I attended your conveyancing course in Cape Town in the run up to the conveyancing exams in May. Just to say thanks very much it really helped to put all the work into perspective, I heard yesterday that I passed with 61% so I am delighted.

Halima Mahomed
I have passed the conveyancing examination and so have of my colleagues. We would all like to thank Erinda Frantzen very much for the lecture she had provided, her contribution was invaluable.

Karen Groenewald
Ek wil net laat weet dat ek my akte eksamen in Mei 2011 geskryf het en gister gehoor het dat ek geslaag het!
Ek het verlede jaar September saammet my dogter Yolandi Groenewald geskryf en dit toe nie gemaak nie - sy het wel !
Ek het hierdie jaar vroeg begin swot en Erinda se 1 dag kursus bygewoon net voor die eksamen = haar notas was fantasties.
Baie dankie vir julle – die notas en die kursusse was uitstekend.
Ek het dit baie geniet !

Karin Smit
Dit is met groot dankbaarheid dat ek terugkyk na die afgelope akte-eksamen.  Ek kan met trots berig dat ek die eksamen met my eerste sitting geslaag het en die bywoning van jou kursus hier in Bloemfontein, met die meegaande notas natuurlik, was die bepalende faktor.

Na afloop van die kursus het ek met vasberadenheid ‘n rooster opgestel en my kollega geïnspireer om saam met my boeke te vat. 
Die werk was allermins maklik en die tyd beperk, maar nietemin was beide van ons suksesvol.

My opregte dank vir die persoonlike en innemende wyse waarop jy die kursus aangebied het en die belangstelling daarna getoon.

Tracy Busschau
Please relay my reply to Gawie that I attended the Johannesburg conveyancing course and after an oral exam yesterday, I passed!

Can't wait to bring my High Court Application so that I can sign my first preparation certificate as a conveyancer!


Anita Schreiber
Ek het die Afrikaanse klasse aan die begin van die jaar in Pretoria bygewoon en het op 5 Mei die eksamen vir die eerste keer gaan skryf, in Engels. Die punte het laasweek Vrydag uitgekom en ek het met 60% deurgekom. Ek is ongelooflik bly en opgewonde, maar ek moet sê as dit nie vir julle goeie klasse en studie-materiaal was nie sou ek dit nie gemaak het nie! Ek sal julle kursus beslis by al my vriende en kollegas aanbeveel.

Kerensa Thomas
I hereby happily inform you that I have passed the conveyancing examination out right (without an oral) and wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to you and the rest of your team in preparing and executing a nothing-short-of-excellent course in conveyancing practice! I wish you all the very best with every future endeavour!

Darren Ho
I attended Gawie's conveyancing classes in 2009, as well the workshops offered thereafter. In comparison to other courses out there, I found the lectures and notes far more intuitive, relaxed and user-friendly. To all of you aspiring conveyancers wanting to give your best shot at this infamous exam, this is the place to be! It is definitely worth the time, money and effort. I am presently awaiting my admittance as a Conveyancer today! Many thanks to Gawie and the Team!

I would like to thank you and all those involved in preparing the conveyancing notes. I was finally admitted as a Conveyancer on 21 January 2010. I took a course, sat for the exams three times in Pretoria and once in KZN since May 2008. I never stopped writing the exams although I kept failing it despite how much I studied and prepared. After three attempts I atteded your course and wrote the exam a fourth time. Not only did I pass the exam, but I passed it well since I got 68% for it. I believe that your notes are well structured and I could not get a better way of studying and passing the exams if it were not for your notes. I am now a conveyancer of the Republic of South Africa and give you all the credit for it. Thank you so much Gawie, keep it up.

Wilna Engelbrecht
Ek het julle kursus in Aktepraktyk bygewoon in Julie in Pretoria en het die akteseksamen geskryf. Ek wou net laat weet dat ek verlede Donderdag uitgevind het dat ek 70% behaal het vir die eksamen, en dit was boonop my eerste poging! Derhalwe wil ek nou dankie sê vir Erinda wat die kursus aangebied het en vir die fantastiese notas wat deur julle verskaf word, daarsonder sou ek nie sulke goeie punte kon behaal nie! Weereens baie dankie.

Michele Graham
Dit is met vreugde dat ek julle kan meedeel dat ek die akteseksamen verlede jaar in September met 67% geslaag het nadat ek julle nota’s aangekoop en die kursus, aangebied deur Erinda Franzen, bygewoon het. Ek kan dit by almal met die grootste vrymoedigheid aanbeveel.

Marli Hendricks
Ek is baie bly om julle mee te deel dat ek my akteseksamen deurgekom het! Ek was nog blyer gewees toe ek hoor dat ek een van 17 mense is wat die eksamen deurgekom het. Ek wil julle bedank vir al die hulp en bystand. As dit nie vir julle was nie, sou ek beslis meer as twee keer gaan skryf het.

Adéle Vorster
Ek wil graag vir Gawie en sy span baie baie dankie sê vir die uitstekende Akte- en Notariële notas! Ek het in 2008 klaar geswot en het in 2009 my klerkskap gedoen. Ek het Gawie se Aktekursus in Julie 2009 in Pretoria bygewoon. Tot op daardie stadium het ek nog nooit in my lewe 'n transport gesien nie, aangesien ek in 'n litigasiefirma werk. Ek het dus geen ondervinding in aktes gehad nie. Ek was maar baie skepties oor die eksamen, aangesien ek net 'n bietjie meer as een maand oorgehad het om vir die eksamen te swot. Ek het na die kursus skouer aan die wiel gesit en met behulp van die uitstekende notas het ek my akteseksamen geslaag - die heel eerste keer! Na die akteseksamen het ek so drie weke gehad om te swot vir die notariële eksamen in Oktober 2009. Ek het net Gawie se nota's geswot en ook dié eksamen suksesvol voltooi!
Baie dankie vir die puik nota's en die "great" manier waarop julle die kursusse aanbied. Julle het só 'n groot invloed op my lewenskoers gehad. Ek is baie dankbaar.

Ansie Malan
Ek het die aktes eksamen in September geskryf met die hulp van julle notas en geslaag! Baie dankie vir uitstekende studiemateriaal.

Laetitia Knoetze
Dis met groot dankbaarheid dat ek vandag gesien het ek is die akteseksamen deur, boonop met die 2de beste punt in die Kaap. Baie dankie vir Gawie se fantastiese kursus en entoesiasme met die aanbied daarvan. Was dit nie vir sy motivering nie het ek verseker kleinkoppie getrek. Alle eer aan God.

Merle Visagie
I would like to say thank you very much. Your notes enabled me to study with confidence. Unfortunately I could not attend the course due to my financial situation. I studied your notes and the old exam papers and was confident that I will pass. I wrote the exams in May 2010 and passed first time around. I was admitted as a Conveyancer on 3rd September 2010. May God continue to use you in this area.


Karla van Wyk
Ek wil graag baie dankie sê vir julle wonderlike notas. Ek het die September 2009 eksamen vir die eerste keer geskryf - en deurgekom!
Sonder julle wonderlike, op datum notas, sou ek dit nie kon doen nie. Dankie vir die flink diens en entoesiasme waarmee jy en jou kollegas my telke male bygestaan het.
Mag die Here jou, jou besigheid en personeel seën op die pad vorentoe.

Michelé Holland
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Le Roux so very much for such an amazingly informative course. I learnt more in four days on his course than I did in 15 years of paralegal work. Although I am currently completing my LLB degree, I will not be admitted as an attorney, and will therefore unfortunately not be able to take the Conveyancer’s exam, which I regret.
Mr Le Roux’s course has given me huge insight into why various documents are prepared in various instances, as well as the theory behind the entire registration process. This information is invaluable, and the course notes are spectacular. These notes are by far the best practical notes I have come across to date, and they are my “bible” insofar as precedents and procedures are concerned.
I feel extremely privilledged to have been able to attend Mr Le Roux’s course, and am so grateful to him for putting together something so practical and useful, not only to Attorneys/Conveyancers, but also to us in the legal software industry.

Moira Johnston
And please tell the people responsible for the notes that they are the best notes that I have ever had the pleasure of studying from. They are so well organised and written, you just couldn’t ask for better. Gawie and Ilse are geniuses! Well worth every cent!

Sandie MacDonald
Ek het verlede jaar hierdie tyd julle kursus in Kaapstad bygewoon en het in Mei hierdie jaar die akteseksamen geskryf en geslaag!
Ek will julle bedank vir ‘n puik kursus! Sonder julle sou ek dit nie kon doen nie!

Vickie Collins
I just want to thank you for the course. This year I passed the May exam in KZN. There was a 22% pass rate 17 out of 77 people passed. I have to say that your course is very comprehensive.

Zietta Olivier
Ek het voor die kursus niks van aktes af geweet nie. Die notas is uit die boonste rakke en die aanbieding van die klas was ongelooflik. Die klas is op só 'n wyse aangebied dat ‘n graad-een kind die werk kan verstaan. Daar was nie iets soos ‘n dom vraag nie en alles was tot in die fynste besonderhede verduidelik. Die dosent se entoesiasme het oorgeloop en was aansteeklik. Vir my het die eksamen gegaan van ‘n absolute riller tot ‘n effense nagmerrie. Ek het voorberei, maar het eintlik min tyd gehad. Ek is deur kollegas gewaarsku dat ses maande se voorbereiding selde genoeg is, maar ek het ‘n skrapse twee maande gehad om die werk baas te raak. Die uitslae het gekom en ek het wonderlike nuus ontvang. Nie net was ek een van 15 mense wat die eksamen geslaag het nie, maar het ek en 'n ander persoon gesamentlik die hoogste punt behaal - ’n fenominale 70%. Ek wil julle opreg dank. Sonder die kursus, die notas en die ongelooflike leiding van die dosent sou dit nooit moontlik gewees het nie.

Martine Viljoen
Ek wil net laat weet dat ek die akteseksamen sonder enige ondervinding in aktes en net met behulp van julle kursus geslaag het! Ek het 70% en is so bly en verlig! Dankie vir julle harde werk aan die notas en met die lesings!

Nicole Rokebrand
Hierdie is 'n vriendelike e-pos. Ek het die een-dag werkswinkel by Erinda Frantzen, op 17 April 2009, gedoen. Graag wou ek julle in kennis stel dat ek geslaag het en een van die gelukkige 15 is.


Afton Appollis
I wrote both the Notaries and Conveyancing exam in September and October this year. I also attended the attendance courses for both Conveyancing and Notaries in Cape Town. I am very happy to say that I passed both exams, and also came third in the Western Cape in the Conveyancing exam. Thanks very much for all your help! Your attendance course and detailed notes made all the difference for someone like me who has never set foot in a conveyancing department ever!

Melissa Kate van de Water
I would like to thank you for the most amazing conveyancing course and course notes. I received my results this morning, which I must say I was petrified to get, and passed first time. I never thought this was a possibility as I was one of those students who struggled to get an LLB and to pass my board exams. I would not have known where to start in studying for this exam had it not been your fabulous notes and well presented course. I must just add that I have friends who also received your notes but didn't attend the course and they were not as successful as me. Your guidance on how to approach this exam, your honesty regarding the amount of work that would need to be put in and optimism that it could be acheived went a long way towards preparing me for what is definately an extremely hard exam. Thank you yet again for helping me become a conveyancer and to do what I want to do.

Jacqui Belamant
Thankyou for your great conveyancing course and fantastic notes. Without them and the months of hard work we put in my colleague and I would never have passed the exam. I am proud to say that after attending your course we both passed the May 2008 exam – and it was the first time we wrote! Thanks so much!

Manus Muller
EK HET GESLAAG! Gawie, baie dankie vir jou ongelooflike inpak op my lewe en dit net in 4 dae! Wat die kursus se inhoud betref kan ek net noem dat ek daarsonder nie ‘n kat se kans sou gestaan het nie. Ek het geen praktyksondervinding nie en het met 67% geslaag! Die kursus is goud werd. Ek het nie woorde om jou en jou span genoeg te bedank nie.

Delmari du Toit
Ek het Gawie le Roux se kursus in Februarie 2008 bygewoon. Ek was ‘n totale stres bol, want dit was my eerste keer wat ek die eksamen aangedurf het. Ek het glad nie geweet wat om te verwag nie. Die enigste ding wat ek wel geweet het is dat dit definitief nie ‘n maklike eksamen is nie. Ons het vandag ons punte gekry en ek kan met ‘n groot glimlag sê dat ek my akteseksamen met 62% geslaag het en dit na my eerste poging! Baie dankie aan Gawie le Roux vir die fantastiese kursus en notas. Ek was nog ‘n klerk wat maar een jaar agter die rug gehad het toe ek my eksamen aangedurf het, so my kennis oor aktes was maar skraal. Ek sou nie hierdie eksamen deurgekom het as dit nie vir sy notas en kursus was nie. Die notas is fantasties, dit bring ‘n mens so mooi in perspektief wat die werk aanbetref en die voorbeelde en ekstra vraestelle is ‘n seën. Ek beveel sy kursus aan vir enige iemand, want sonder dit sou ek definitief nie vandag so groot geglimlag het nie.

Elzaan Rossouw
Ek het jou kursus in Bellville vroeër die jaar bygewoon (5-8 Februarie) en die eksamen in Mei gaan skryf. Ek is tans besig met my tweede jaar van klerkskap en het slegs een maand se praktiese ervaring in aktepraktyk agter die blad. Ek was verheug om gister uit te vind dat ek die eksamen (met die eerste probeerslag) met 71% geslaag het! Baie dankie vir die kursus en die “gebruikersvriendelike” notas!

Nandi de Jongh
Ek het my aktes eksamen eerste keer geslaag. Sou dit nooit sonder die kurses kon doen nie.

Anelda Fouché
Ek het verlede week Gawie le Roux se kursus in Bellville bygewoon en het dit vreeslik geniet. Ek was bekommerd dat my gebrek aan enige ondervinding my tydens die lesings sou rem, maar kon ek met gemak, danksy Gawie, bybly en het nou veel meer moed om die eksamen aan te pak.


Michael De Kok Swanepoel
My uitslae Vrydag gekry - 74,8%, die hoogste in KZN. Nogmaals dankie vir ‘n puik kursus.

Louisa van Staden
Thank you Gawie for your course which I attended in Durban and to Erinda who did the exam preparation in early September this year. I passed the exam, and I know I could never have done it without the notes and the excellent presentation of the past papers dividing everything up so perfectly to assist in studying. I would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone doing conveyancing.

Sean Coetzee
Just a quick note to say that I received my results from the CLS on Monday and I have passed! I am over the moon, as this was my first attempt at writing the conveyancing examination, and I know many attorneys who have written two or three times and not passed! I do want to thank you specifically for the excellent course which you presented in Port Elizabeth from 17 to 20 July 2007. The study material provided by Gawie was outstanding, and I was very fortunate that through a combination of your input, the notes, the finishing course which I attended in Durban and a lot of hard work I was able to pass this exam. Please would you pass on my heartfelt thanks to Gawie and all of the other hard-working staff at the Centre for Conveyancing Practice. You guys rock!
PS My secretary attended your course for conveyancing typists in October, and my clerk intends writing the Conveyancing exam next year . . . rest assured he will be attending your course!

Anelda Lötter
Ek wil net baie baie dankie sê vir jul wonderlike notas! Ek het September my akteseksamen afgelê en het net julle notas gebruik. Ek kon ongelukkig geen klasse bywoon nie. Ek was een van net 24 in die Kaap wat geslaag het! Ek glo dis als te danke aan jul volledige notas.

Jaco Murray
Dis seker vir jou niks vreemds om nog ‘n brief te ontvang waarin jy bedank word nie. Ek wil egter my stem by soveel andere voeg en jou bedank vir jou droom en visie jare gelede om ‘n realistiese opsomming van alle aspekte rondom aktes te formuleer. Jou nota’s het my met selfvertroue laat studeer. In my eerste probeerslag in Mei hierdie jaar het ek gekwalifiseer vir 'n mondeling maar kon nie gaan nie weens die geboorte van my eerste kind. In September het ek die eksamen weer gaan skryf en hierdie keer geslaag. Baie dankie vir die harde werk wat jy elke jaar insit om die nota’s te verbeter.

Marindi Meintjes
Dit is regtig met groot waardering wat ek hierdie briefie vir Gawie en Erinda skryf. Ek het my akteseksamen nou in September met ‘n punt van 71,8% geslaag en sal die kursus, sy notas en julle almal se vriendelikheid en behulpsaamheid by almal aanbeveel. Weer eens baie dankie.

Lindy Lowne-Hughes
Ek wil graag vir jou dankie sê vir al jou hulp tydens die akteseksamen in September 2007. Die eerste keer het ek nie jou kursus bygewoon nie en het ek nie deurgekom nie. Die tweede keer het ek wel jou kursus bygewoon en hoop gevind. Ek was so positief en ek het so lekker met jou notas gleer. Ek het seker gevoel dat ek die tweede keer wel sal deurkom. Ek het vandag my uitslae gekry en 66% in die eksamen behaal. Ek is die laaste paar maande meer betrokke in ons aktesdepartement en gebruik my leêr met jou aktenotas en voorbeelde op 'n daaglikse basis. Ek kan jou nie genoeg bedank vir jou hulp en positiwiteit tydens die kursus nie.

Rene Joubert
Beste Gawie, ek het jou aktekursus in Julie 2007 in Pretoria bygewoon, en het nou Vrydag die wonderlike nuus gekry dat ek dit met 60% geslaag het! Ek wil graag baie vir jou sê, want ek is van mening dat as dit nie vir jou kursus en notas was nie, sou ek nie so gelukkig gewees het nie. Dit is vir my ongelooflik dat ek die moeilike eksamen die eerste keer kon slaag en alhoewel dit baie tyd en swot-werk, van my kant af gekos het, sou dit als verniet gewees het, as ek nie met jou notas geswot het nie. Dit is ongelooflik handig.

Eben Schutte
Wil jou net graag laat weet dat ek vanoggend die goeie nuus verneem het dat ek my akteseksamen geslaag het! Ek is baie verlig en dankbaar teenoor die Here wat my gehelp het en baie gebede verhoor het. Verder wil ek dankie sê vir jou studiemateriaal wat voorbereiding vir die eksamen vergemaklik het. Ek het die bywoningskursus en een-dag eksamenwerkswinkel bygewoon. Baie krediet moet aan jou gaan weens die feit dat ek geslaag het. Dankie vir jou passie en moeite met die kursus. Jy verrig wondere met die aanbieding van jou kursus. Hou so voort!

Marli Higgs
Baie dankie vir die wonderlike notas en kursus. Ek het die kursus gedurende Augustus 2007 in Kaapstad bygewoon. Dit het my geweldig gehelp met die voorbereiding vir die eksamen. Ek is nog ‘n kandidaat-prokureur en het dus geen ondervinding in aktes nie. Jy het tydens die kursus gesê: “Raak ontslae van die geestelike blokkasie in jou brein, en sê vir jouself dat jy hierdie eksamen kan slaag”. Jy het ook gesê dat ons die sukses in hierdie eksamen in ons geestesoog moet sien.
Ek het dit gedoen, en elke keer as ek moedeloos geraak het, het ek sukses oor hierdie eksamen gespreek. Ek is ‘n kind van God en wil aan Hom alle eer en dank bring vir my sukses met hierdie eksamen. Ek het gister my uitslae gekry, 68% vir ‘n eerste probeerslag. Nogmaals baie dankie, God seën u.

Michael De Kok Swanepoel
Ek het julle Selfstudie Aktekurses gebruik met die voorbereiding vir die eksamen en geslaag. Ek wil julle gelukwens. Dit is uitstekend.

Jonathan Cohen
Due to your wonderful notes, I managed to pass the exam in May.

Frans Erasmus
Ek wil net dankie sê vir jou aktekursus en die hulp daarna! Ek het die mondelinge eksamen deurgekom! Sonder jou kursus sou ek beslis nie deurgekom het nie. Ek het een jaar voor die tyd begin en deeglik na jou notas gekyk. Ek word op 6 September 2007 in Bloemfontein toegelaat!

Marissa Rossouw
Ek wil ook net baie dankie sê vir die uitstekende kursus van 13-16 Maart 2007 in Kaapstad. Erinda is 'n uitstekende dosent en die kursus was uit-en-uit die moeite werd.

Ameeta Nundlall
I want to thank you greatly for the course material provided for the conveyancing exams. I passed the September 2006 exams using your course material only. I am a personal injury attorney and I did not have any practical exposure to conveyancing whatsoever. Your course material made studying for the exams such a delightful experience and I recommend it to each and everybody wanting to study for the exams.


Arina du Toit
Ek het in Augustus 2006 Gawie se prokureurskursus in Bellville bygewoon. Sê asseblief vir hom baie dankie vir sy bydrae tot my sukses - ek het 63% behaal.

Shelley Feldman
This is just a short to thank you to you and your team for the incredible course, user friendly notes and most importantly your encouragement. I passed my conveyancing exam “first time” with 55%!, which I can certainly say, I would never have been able to achieve without you! I am now recommending your course to everyone I know that has a block against writing the exam!

Uys Jordaan
Baie dankie vir die volledige notas en kursus. Ek het die eksamen met die tweede probeerslag geslaag sonder enige ondervinding in aktes. Die notas is volledig, leervriendelik en help om met vertroue te studeer.

Zenia Smith
A sincere thank you from a very greatful heart. I have no experience in conveyancing at all. I wrote the conveyancing exams in September this year and with the help of your Self-study Deeds Course passed it first time with flying colours!!

Eugene Gouws
Ek het die September 2006 akteseksamen, na bywoning van jou kursus in Pretoria gedurende Julie 2006, met die eerste poging met 'n gemiddeld van 66,5% geslaag. Ek sal enigiemand aanbeveel om jou kursus en notas te gebruik ter voorbereiding vir die eksamen.

Michelle Netto
I did the course for attorneys in August last year and would just like to let you know that even thoug

h I never did conveyancing in my whole life I passed the very first time that I wrote the exam.

Rina Erasmus
Dit is met groot dankbaarheid dat ek laat weet dat ek die eksamen geslaag het. Van die 148 in KZN het net omtrent 23 deurgekom en ek was een, deur die Heer se genade! Ek het nie veel vorige akte-ondervinding nie, en sou verseker nie hierdie eksamen sonder julle hulp deurgekom het nie.

Tom Potgieter
Soos belowe berig ek graag dat ek my Akteseksamen geslaag het – baie dankie – jou notas het baie gehelp.

Alastair Lomas-Walker
Thanks Gawie & Erinda, I passed

JP van der Walt
Ek het Gawie se aktekursus op 8 Feb 2006 bygewoon en die akteseksamen op 8 Mei 2006 geskryf. Danksy Gawie se baie goeie notas en lesings het ek die eksamen die eerste keer deurgekom.

Charles Vertue
Ek wil graag baie dankie sê aan Gawie vir sy uitstekende studiemateriaal en in besonder die kursus wat hy in Februarie in Pretoria 2006 aangebied het. Ek voel dit is die enigste rede hoekom ek die eksamen met 63% kon slaag. Wat van besondere belang is, is dat ek al vir ongeveer 8 jaar praktiseer sonder dat ek, tot vandag toe, nog ooit in 'n aktekantoor was of nog ooit by 'n akteafdeling gewerk het nie. Dankie dat jy aktes vir my soos die spreekwoordelik Rooisee oopgemaak het.

Carien du Toit
Ek het gedink dit sal goed wees om jou op hoogte te hou van die goeie nuus in my lewe. Ek het jou kursus in Johannesburg in Julie 2005 bygewoon en toe die eksamen in September gaan skryf. Ek het die akteseksamen geslaag. Weereens baie dankie vir al jou hulp en inspirasie.

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