The online workshops involve...

Three specialised workshops on the following subjects

  • Servitudes, subdivision and consolidation of property
  • Opening of a sectional title register
  • Opening of a township register

Via the internet or by attendance

Each subject can be done online via the internet or by attending our one-day workshop.

Advantages of online workshops

  • These workshops can be done in the comfort of your office or at home via an internet training portal.
  • You experience the virtual reality and advantages of the workshop without having to attend it.
  • You receive guidance on the theory and relevant case studies by following the Power Point slide show on our internet training portal.
  • You can register at any time.
  • You "attend" the workshop at a time convenient to you.
  • You reduce the time spent away from office, and save on travel and accommodation costs.

30% discount on normal price

There is currently a 30% promotion discount on our online workshops.

Requirements for online training (e-learning)

A computer with internet access, audio capability, an Adobe Reader (which can be downloaded) and a printer.

Who are these workshops intended for?

These workshops are ideal for conveyancers, newly qualified conveyancers, attorneys, candidate attorneys, skilled conveyancing typists and "paralegals" who require a deeper knowledge of the above three topics.

English or Afrikaans

All the workshops are offered in English or in Afrikaans.


For those who would like to receive a certificate, there is the option of doing an open-book evaluation on the content as an assessment of knowledge acquired. This involves an additional cost. See under register online or register attendance.

Dates for attendance

See the dates in register attendance.


R798 without assessment
             (normal price
R980 with assessment
             (normal price

Register Online


R1,140 without assessment
R1,400 with assessment

Register Attendance

Servitudes, Subdivision and Consolidation of Property Workshop

Opening of a Sectional Title Register Workshop

Opening of a Township Register (Township Development) Workshop